M.Tech (IT) in WCC

Wireless technology is rapidly evolving and is playing a major role to make life easy, automated and mobile throughout the world. Ever-large numbers of people are relying in this technology in their day to day life directly or indirectly. Starting from cellular phones, Satellite television, Remote Garage-door openers, cordless computer peripherals, to Wireless LAN , WPAN , Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, GSM, GPRS, Edge, WAP, i-mode have become very popular for a well advanced and developed civilization. The industry is experiencing exponential growth rates in wireless communication systems, ubiquity of mobile devices, and deregulation of former monopolized markets.

While traditional communication paradigm deals with fixed networks, mobility raises a new set of questions, techniques and solutions. For many parts of the country, wireless and mobile communication is the only solution due to the lack of appropriate fixed communication infrastructure. The trends mentioned above create an ever increasing demand for well-educated communication engineers who understand the developments and possibilities of wireless communications.