Batch 2010-2012

  Sonali Singh
Enrollment No.-iwc2010001
Area of interest: Wireless Networking, Designing and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating System
Mobile: +91-9451068731
E-mail:iwc2010001 [at]
  Km Anjali
Enrollment No.-iwc2010002
Area of interest: Data structure,Wireless Network,Operating System
Mobile: +91-9548348300
E-mail:iwc2010002 [at]
  Harshita Kishnani
Enrollment No.-iwc2010003
Area of interest:  Computer Networks,DBMS,Data Structures
Mobile: +91-9532500822
E-mail:iwc2010003 [at]
  Shakir Memon
Enrollment No.-iwc2010004
Area of interest:  Computer Architecture & organizations, Computer Networks
Mobile: +91-9696056029
E-mail:iwc2010004 [at]
  Rajneesh Kumar
Enrollment No.-iwc2010005
Area of interest: Computer Networks, Network administration using Linux,Coding (C/C++)
Mobile: +91-7897251969
E-mail:iwc2010005 [at], rajneesh.2k10 [at]
  Rohit Singhal
Enrollment No.-iwc2010006
Area of interest:Computer networks, Database Management System, Operating Systems, Automata Theory, Working on Linux, Data Structure & Algorithm and coding in C
Mobile: +91-8127107886, +91-7505433191
E-mail:rohitsinghal [at], rohitsinghal4u [at]

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