Batch 2011-2013

  Prerna Meena
Enrollment No.-iwc2011001
Area of interest: Computer Networks, Operating System
Mobile: +91-8799014426
E-mail:iwc2011001[at] , prerna.perfect.28[at]
  Arun Kumar
Enrollment No.-iwc2011002
Area of interest: Communication System,Analog Electronics,Signal   System 
Mobile: +91-9670494098 
E-mail:iwc2011002 [at]
  Astha Jain
Enrollment No.-iwc2011003
Area of interest:  : Data Structure, Computer Networks , Wireless Communication , Cellular Networks, Coding(C/C++)
Mobile: +91-7860725511
E-mail:iwc2011003 [at] , asthajain534[at]
  Sandeep Shukla
Enrollment No.-iwc2011004
Area of interest:  Communication System,Signal and System,WirelessCommunication , Data Structures.
Mobile: +91-8574740457
E-mail:iwc2011004[at] , sandeep.shukla1990[at]
  Durga Pavan Nudurupati
Enrollment No.-iwc2011005
Area of interest: Cellular Networks, Wireless Communication, Compuer Networks
Mobile:  +91-7376453748
E-mail:iwc2011005 [at] , pavan.nudurupati[at]
  Devesh Vishwakarma
Enrollment No.- iwc2011006
Area of interest:Free Space Optical Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, Wimax, Antenna, C
Mobile: +91-8896898151
E-mail:iwc2011006 [at]

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