Batch 2009-2011

  Prateek Suraksha Bhushan
Enrollment No.-iwc2009001
Area of interest: Computer networks, Database, Operating Systems
Mobile: +91-9696588999
E-mail:iwc2009001 [at]
  Sandeep Srivastava
Enrollment No.-iwc2009002
Area of interest: Operating Systems, Computer networks
Mobile: +91-9935321043
E-mail:iwc2009002 [at]
  Musaddique Hossain
Enrollment No.-iwc2009003
Area of interest:  Computer Networks, Wireless LAN, Data Structure
Microprocessor, Wireless Sensor Networks

Mobile: +91-9956395963, +91-9474796096
E-mail:iwc2009003 [at]
  Himanshu Agrawal
Enrollment No.-iwc2009004
Area of interest:  Database, Wireless Sensor Networks
Mobile: +91-9580489265
E-mail:iwc2009004 [at]
  Lalit Kumar Agrawal
Enrollment No.-iwc2009005
Area of interest: Networks, Cellular Networks, Wireless   Communication, Telecommunication, Mobile Intelligent Networks
Mobile: +91-8004037800
E-mail:iwc2009005 [at]
  Jaya Nagori
Enrollment No.-iwc2009006
Area of interest:Computer Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks,   Operating Systems
Mobile: +91-9559007591
E-mail:iwc2009006 [at]

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