Batch 2009-2011

  Ashmita Debnath
Enrollment No.-iwc2009007
Area of interest: Cryptography, Computer networks, Network   Security
Mobile: +91-9559910162
E-mail:iwc2010007 [at]
  Jawed Ali Khan
Enrollment No.-iwc2009008
Area of interest: Programming, Algorithm & Data Structure,   Operating Systems, Networking, Database
Mobile: +91-9559007588
E-mail:iwc2009008 [at], jawedk.ali [at]
  Jyoti Singh
Enrollment No.wc2009010
Area of interest:  Data structures, Computer Networks
Mobile: +91-8004039826, +91-9450601395
E-mail:wc2009010 [at]
  Sheikh Nasrullah
Enrollment No.wc2009011
Area of interest:  Networks, Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data   Structure, Programming
Mobile: +91-8957131400
E-mail:iwc2009011 [at]
  Anil Kumar
Enrollment No.iwc20090012
Area of interest: Data Structures, Programming, Operating Systems
Mobile: +91-9621798069
E-mail:iwc20090012 [at]
Not Available   Priya Shrivastava
Enrollment No.iwc2009013
Area of interest: Operating Systems, Data Structures and   Algorithms, Networking, Wireless Sensor Network
E-mail: iwc2009013 [at]

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